Steel Tie Spirits Vodka

Made to be enjoyed, not masked.

We approached this vodka the way you would approach creating a new whiskey, giving it a gorgeous character all its own.

Steel Tie Vodka is terrific in a cocktail, but is also designed to be ultra-smooth when sipped straight or over ice. We only use American grains, and we only distill it twice. Most of the time, a high number of distillations indicates the use of cheap, chemical-soaked grains that need to be over-distilled in order to remove bad odors and harsh flavors. Our grains are high-quality, pure American-grown grains. We would never deny you the natural flavors and aromatics that come from the heart of the USA!

Our vodka is made from midwestern American grains. With a backbone of 70% wheat, it works beautifully in classic vodka cocktails. But 20% of our mash bill is rye, bringing complex spice notes like peppercorn and marzipam. On the nose and finish, our guests describe a slight sweetness and round, buttery mouthfeel. This is because our last 10% is given to American white corn. No other vodka brings this level of complexity, and no other brand is this smooth.

We use carbons from Florida coconut husk to filter our Vodka, which removes impurities that a still can’t capture. 

It’s simply a gorgeous hand-made Vodka done the old European way.

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