2 Ingredient Rum Drinks

Rum enthusiasts appreciate the versatility and rich, complex flavors of rum. Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or just starting to explore rum, there’s something uniquely satisfying about a well-crafted cocktail.

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Summer Rum Cocktails

As the sun rises higher and the days become longer, nothing complements the lively spirit of summer quite like a well-crafted cocktail. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a

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Rum and Food Pairing Guides

Welcome to the fascinating world of rum, a spirit that is celebrated not only for its rich history and versatility but also for its ability to enhance dining experiences to

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History of Rum

Rum is a spirit with an incredibly rich history and flavor that has left an indelible mark on global culture. From its humble beginnings on sugarcane plantations to its revered

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What is Rum Made From

Welcome to a journey through the captivating world of rum, a spirit celebrated for its rich history and diverse flavors. For connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and the newly initiated alike, understanding the

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Florida Cane Rum

Florida cane rum is a spirit that embodies the very essence of the Sunshine State. Made from the succulent, robust sugarcanes that flourish in Florida’s one-of-a-kind terroir, this elixir carries

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Florida Cocktail Recipes

You cannot ignore the fact that Florida’s cocktail culture is one of the most effervescent and dynamic in the world, just like its storied beaches and sunsets. This culture is

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Famous Florida Drinks

Florida is not just a paradise for sun-seekers but also for those with a penchant for legendary spirits and cocktails. The state’s drink culture is as diverse and vibrant as

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Rum Distillery Florida

Florida is renowned for its exquisite beaches and pleasant weather that makes it an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure. However, the state’s hidden gem lies beyond its sandy beaches

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Florida Spirits | Rum Made in Florida | Black Coral Rum

Florida Spirits

In the realm of spirits, Florida holds a distinctive position, a place where tradition intertwines with innovation, and where the bounty of the land transforms into delightful libations. Among the

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Florida Rum | Florida Rum Distillery | Black Coral Rum

Florida Rum

When it comes to spirits, few can match the exotic allure and rich history of rum. And if you’re seeking a truly exceptional rum experience, look no further than the

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Spiced Rum Mojito Cocktail

The Spiced Rum Mojito is a sensational cocktail that perfectly combines the rich and aromatic flavors of our signature spiced Florida rum with the refreshing elements of a classic Mojito.

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The Blue Floridian Cocktail

Introducing the Blue Floridian, the signature white rum cocktail crafted by Steel Tie Spirits. This exquisite libation combines our smooth and flavorful white Florida rum with the vibrant blue curaçao

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Most Popular Cocktail in Florida | Florida Rum | Black Coral Rum

Most Popular Cocktail in Florida

Florida, a sun-soaked paradise renowned for its vibrant beaches, lively nightlife, and thriving cocktail culture, holds a special place in the hearts of cocktail enthusiasts. Join us on a flavorful

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Facts About Rum

Facts About Rum

Rum is one of the world’s most iconic spirits. With a rich history spanning several centuries, rum has long been one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Rum originated in

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Take Our Cocktails Home

Stop by the distillery this fall to take home our full series of signature cocktail recipes. You asked…we delivered. From the Classic Mojito to the Black Old Fashioned, you can

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graphic of woman doing yoga while drinking a bloody mary

Stretchin’ & Sippin’

Last Sunday, we welcomed yogis to our new Stretch & Sip yoga series at Steel Tie. With morning light streaming in and stills lining the walls, our wide-open distillery space

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