We’re open for tastings again! Stop by.


Take Our Cocktails Home

Stop by the distillery this fall to take home our full series of signature cocktail recipes. You asked…we delivered. From the Classic Mojito to the Black Old Fashioned, you can now take home our exclusive selection of handcrafted recipes. The recipe cards feature a variety of craft cocktails that we’ve

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Come on in. We saved a spot for ya.

After a long wait, we welcome patrons to our distillery to experience our full line of craft spirits. After months of churning out hand sanitizer to keep you safe and aging a very special distillery-exclusive rum, we’re happy to announce our distillery is open for tastings once again. Not only

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September Cocktail of the Month: The Vodka Paloma

Remember that super charismatic person you met who doesn’t like Palomas? Yeah, we don’t either. This tipple is a popular order at craft cocktail spots because combining the bold tartness of grapefruit with extra citrus (and, of course, a spirited pour of something delicious) is simply divine. We’ve substituted the

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August Cocktail of the Month: The Classic Daiquiri

When folks talk about the perfect cocktail, they often talk about quality, simplicity and that perfect balance. of sweet, savory. and sour, with a soft kick of quality spirits on your tongue. Blue denim. Black suit. Red lipstick. There’s a reason why it’s called a classic. The daiquiri possesses the

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July Cocktail of the Month: The Tropical Storm

What’s more Florida than naming our esteemed Cocktail of the Month “Tropical Storm”? This tipple is our choice for a reprieve after a long day of heat and humidity. Mix one up for a quick refresher. Right off the bat, we knew the Tropical Storm would be one of our

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June Cocktail of the Month: The Palm Beach Mule

The Palm Beach Mule is a staple in our neck of the woods, as it’s the perfect combination of citrus, spice and snap.  This classic cocktail does not originate in Moscow, nor does it have anything to do with mules, but we celebrate it anyway. While the presentation can be

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May Cocktail of the Month: The Mojito

The first in our Cocktail of the Month series, the Mojito is a summer-friendly rum-based cocktail with citrus and fresh mint. Fizzy, minty and bursting with fresh-squeezed juice, The Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail that complements the heat of the South Florida spring juuust right. It’s a clean, straightforward

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Forbes Wrote About WPB – and We’re the Star

It seems that Palm Beach County is making a name for itself nationwide, capturing the attention of the crew at Forbes, who penned an article praising the neighborhood we all know and love. We can think of dozens more, but “5 Things to Love About West Palm Beach Right Now”

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Stretch & Sip Featured on CBS 12

Welcoming the community and Movement Yoga into our distillery is one of the very reasons we opened in the centrally located Warehouse District of West Palm Beach, and it makes us proud to see our friends at CBS 12 sharing all the unexpected and exciting things that can be done

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