The Palm Beach Mule is a staple in our neck of the woods, as it’s the perfect combination of citrus, spice and snap. 

This classic cocktail does not originate in Moscow, nor does it have anything to do with mules, but we celebrate it anyway. While the presentation can be a bit ostentatious with the flashy copper mug it’s served in, the drink itself is straightforward and easy to sip.

The mug has traditionally been used to retain the icy temperature of the drink, but it can also be presented in a lowball glass. Just grab your bottle of Steel Tie vodka plus two ingredients and you’re on your way.

Here’s how to concoct your very own Palm Beach Mule:
3 parts Steel Tie Vodka
4 parts ginger beer
1 lime wedge

Fill a copper mule mug with fresh ice, and squeeze the lime over the ice before dropping into the mug. Then add vodka, stirring to integrate with lime juice. Next, stir in your favorite ginger beer and serve with pride.

Missing some Steel Tie vodka to try your hand at making our featured cocktail? Visit us and take a bottle home.

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