What’s more Florida than naming our esteemed Cocktail of the Month “Tropical Storm”? This tipple is our choice for a reprieve after a long day of heat and humidity. Mix one up for a quick refresher.

Right off the bat, we knew the Tropical Storm would be one of our signature cocktails. With only three elements and a name that is a nod to our steamy summer weather, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate glass to represent our Florida-born rum.

Check out how to make a Tropical Storm step by step.

If this cocktail seems a bit familiar, then you’re probably recognizing that it is our take on a Dark ‘n Stormy, with a fruity twist – after all, we live in South Florida. It would be wrong not to bring an element of the tropics into our recipe.

Want to make your own Tropical Storm? Pick up these 3 simple ingredients and you’re on your way:
2 parts Black Coral spiced rum
2 parts pineapple juice
2 parts ginger beer

1 lime wedge for garnish (optional)

This recipe calls for equal parts of each ingredient, and therefore it doesn’t matter how big or small your drinking cup/glass is. Just pour 1/3 of the volume of each into your glass, stir and enjoy!

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