It seems that Palm Beach County is making a name for itself nationwide, capturing the attention of the crew at Forbes, who penned an article praising the neighborhood we all know and love.

We can think of dozens more, but “5 Things to Love About West Palm Beach Right Now” features a bullet list on WPB’s beloved local spots, with an emphasis on the ever-growing warehouse district. This newest write up spotlights our neighbors Grandview Public Market, Steam Horse Brewing, and of course, our humble operation.

The shining star of the area, though, is Steel Tie Spirits, a local distiller producing rum and vodka in the heart of the warehouse district.

We couldn’t be prouder of our neighborhood getting some notoriety for its eccentric yet homey feel. We celebrate the vibrance of the art murals, the smell of local flavors, and the air of leisure that surrounds our distillery every time we step into these historic brick walls to create something you love.

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