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Rum is one of the world’s most iconic spirits. With a rich history spanning several centuries, rum has long been one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Rum originated in the Caribbean around the 17th century, quickly becoming a popular drink among sailors and pirates due to its high alcohol content and long shelf life. Rum is a fascinating and versatile spirit with a rich history and cultural significance. Whether you enjoy it straight, mixed in a cocktail, or used in cooking, there’s no denying that rum has a unique flavor profile that has stood the test of time.

Our handmade Black Coral Florida Rums are no different! We invite you to learn some facts about rum below.

Facts About Rum

Rum Varieties

Today, there are several different types of rum available, each with its own unique flavor profile. These classifications of rum include white, gold, dark, spiced, and flavored rums.

Each type of rum has a unique flavor profile and is enjoyed differently. On top of this, different types of rums spend different amounts of time within barrels in the rum aging process.

White rum is the most common type of rum and is generally aged for one to two years in oak barrels. It has a light and smooth flavor profile and is perfect for use in cocktails.

Dark rum is aged for a longer period of time, often up to 12 years or more. It has a rich and complex flavor profile, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

Spiced rum is infused with a blend of spices that give it a warm and spicy flavor profile. Rum is a versatile and complex spirit that continues to be enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world.

Rum Varieties

Rum Production

The process of making rum typically starts with harvesting and crushing sugarcane to extract its juice or byproduct, molasses.

Yeast is then added to the juice or molasses to begin the fermentation process, which converts the sugar into alcohol.

After fermentation, the resulting liquid is distilled to increase the alcohol content and create a more concentrated and refined product. The rum is then aged in oak barrels to enhance its flavor and color.

The final product can vary in color and taste depending on the type of sugarcane or molasses used, the fermentation process, the distillation technique, and the aging conditions. Types of rums are aged in barrels depending on the intended final product. Darker rums take considerably longer to age, in turn giving way to enhanced flavor profiles.

Fun Facts About Rum

Fun Facts About Rum

Rum is one of the world’s most iconic spirits. Here are some fun rum facts:

History Of Our Rum

History of Steel Tie Spirits Rum

Steel Tie Spirits Co. is a family-owned and operated distillery based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Founded by the father-son duo of Clint and Ben Etheridge, Steel Tie Spirits Co. has been distilling and crafting small-batch, high-quality Florida rum for over a decade.

Our small-batch spirits are carefully flavored using all-natural ingredients – no artificial colors, no fillers, no nonsense.

How It’s Made

Black Coral Florida Rum is crafted using non-GMO, pesticide-free ingredients sourced in-state. Our rum is made from local fermented molasses and infused by hand with all-natural spices to bring the complex flavors forward. Slowly aging our rums in wooden barrels gives them a beautifully spiced and nuanced profile. Here’s an overview of the rums we make in-house:

Something to Sip On

There are many facts about rum that we haven’t even touched on. From its origins in the Caribbean to its worldwide popularity today, rum has a unique flavor and character that sets it apart from other spirits.

Steel Tie Spirits produces high-quality Florida rums using traditional techniques and unique blends of ingredients. Our rums range from light and fruity to rich and complex, offering something for every taste preference. Whether enjoyed on its own, mixed into a cocktail, or used in cooking, rum is a beloved spirit that continues to captivate drinkers and enthusiasts alike.

Now that you know these facts about rum, grab your bottle of Black Coral Florida Rum here today to taste our beautiful rum for yourself!

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