Black Coral Spiced Rum​

Dedicated to purity.

It isn’t a crazy process. We infuse our rum with our hand-selected all natural botanicals, and slowly it becomes Beautifully Spiced and nuanced.

The first thing we did in creating our Spiced Rum was to curate a selection of pure, natural, Florida-grown spices. When you set out to do that, you find yourself visiting a lot of farms all across the state. When you visit a lot of farms, you meet some fascinating and brilliant people – and you wind up developing something much more complex than you ever imagined! That was our experience, for sure, and we’re grateful for all these wonderful farming families that help us make our flagship spirit.

Florida Born Flavors

When you sip our spiced rum, you’ll taste more than a dozen Florida-grown spices that include toasted cacao nibs, clove, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. The finisher is a long, lingering vanilla flavor.

It’s worth noting our dedication to only the purest ingredients.
We never add any sugars, sweeteners or chemicals to our products.

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