Black Coral

A slow process makes for a better taste

As a family-owned Florida rum craft distillery, our product is our life. It’s the stills we handbuilt and the ingredients we believe in. Our ingredients are non-GMO, pesticide-free, and locally sourced whenever possible.


White Rum
Black Rum
Spiced Rum

Black Rum

On the nose, this Florida rum brings deeper notes like dark chocolate, coffee & toffee. On the palate, it brings big flavors like caramel, almond and molasses. Its flavor profile is very different from our white and our spiced rums – but it does share the same purity and versatility. Serve it straight, mixed with ginger beer, or stirred into a complex Old Fashioned.

White Rum

We never add anything to our white rum after it’s aged and filtered; the butterscotch aromatic comes from using only the purest local molasses. Once you sip it, you’ll get a buttery mouth feel and smooth, round finish. This was meant to be a mixing rum, and it is great in cocktails. However, we suggest you simply pour it over a large ice cube and enjoy it as if it were a whiskey or cognac.

Spiced Rum

The first thing we did in creating our Spiced Rum was to curate a selection of pure, natural, Florida-grown spices. When you set out to do that, you find yourself visiting a lot of farms all across the state.
When you sip our spiced rum, you’ll taste more than a dozen Florida-grown spices that include toasted cacao nibs, clove, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. The finisher is a long, lingering vanilla flavor.

Family-Owned Craft Distillery

In Thanksgiving 2012, we sipped from a mason jar together over dinner. That first batch of rum we tasted together was the result of many months of careful design, painstaking experimentation and God-given tenacity – all of which run strong in our family.

A Dream of Making Something Better

Our curiosity for distillation grew quickly, as did our knack for building, and both have blossomed over time into part of our practiced traditions. After working to fine-tune the spirits mixing process, ingredients list and bottling detail, we were ready to enjoy our creation at home.

An Appreciation of Our Roots

Our father and son partnership afforded us both a deep appreciation for our roots and an established place in America’s craft cocktail renaissance. We proudly present to you a line of small-batch spirits that is a perfect depiction of where we came from and where we’re going.

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Florida Rum Movement

When we started making our white rum in the summer of 2012, we knew we needed only the purest South Florida ingredients. We contacted a family of cane farmers out in Clewiston, Florida, and found they had a supply of untouched pure local molasses. When we first fermented and distilled it, we knew we were on to something.
We then aged the rum for 6 months in new American white oak barrels, and our suspicions were confirmed. To filter it, we chose to use carbons derived from Florida coconut husk. Not only are these carbons all-natural, local and sustainable, they are also ideal for removing any esters that remain after distillation. When we sipped our first complete batch, we knew we had something truly special.



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