Black Coral Black Rum

We refuse to duplicate what others are doing.

Our rums are all natural. We NEVER add chemicals or sweeteners PERIOD.

We start off with our pure white rum and infuse it with all-natural ingredients, including the star of the show, raw blackstrap molasses. We then add some real baker’s caramel to create balance and complexity. Instead of going heavy on the spices, we use just a few gentle ingredients like clove and anise… just enough to bring the other flavors forward.

Complex Aromas and Authentic Flavors

On the nose, this rum brings deeper notes like dark chocolate, coffee & toffee. On the palate, it brings big flavors like caramel, almond and molasses. Its flavor profile is very different from our white and our spiced rums – but it does share the same purity and versatility. Serve it straight, mixed with ginger beer, or stirred into a complex Old Fashioned. 

This is a very dry black rum, and we like it that way.

Its unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

taste the difference

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