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A Dream of Making Something Better

Our spirits are made using old world techniques fused with modern technology to deliver the finest products available.

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Who we are

Family-Owned Craft Distillery

In Thanksgiving 2012, we sipped from a mason jar together over dinner. That first batch of rum we tasted together was the result of many months of careful design, painstaking experimentation and God-given tenacity – all of which run strong in our family. 

Recrafting History

Our curiosity for distillation grew quickly as did our knack for building, and both have blossomed over time into part of our practiced traditions. After working to fine-tune the spirits mixing process, ingredients list and bottling detail, we were ready to enjoy our creation at home.

The moment that we shared our first drink together, we knew we had landed on something that could represent what we held most dear – something friends and family could gather around to enjoy, something that could raise money for local veterans efforts, and something that could harken back to our rich local heritage.

An Appreciation of Our Roots

Our father and son partnership afforded us both a deep appreciation for our roots and an established place in America’s craft cocktail renaissance. We proudly present to you a line of small-batch spirits that is a perfect depiction of where we came from and where we’re going.

Ben & Clint Etheridge

The Story Behind the Grain

Our Spirits

The Etheridge family has called Palm Beach County their home for NEARLY a century, Floridians through and through, and WE mean to keep it that way. 

We celebrate the breezy Florida air, the shade of the palms, and the smell of salt that drifts miles off the shore. Rooted in nature, Florida is a rich source for a high-quality ingredients and an obvious backdrop for our operation.

Our small-batch spirits are carefully flavored using all natural ingredients – no artificial colors, no fillers, no nonsense. Our grains and spices infuse to create distinct profiles, complex aromas and balanced flavors. If it doesn’t grow in the ground, it’s not in our bottles.

The authenticity in our line of spirits is as undeniable as our love of their source – the rich shores of Palm Beach County.

Our Team


Ben Etheridge

co-founder & Head Distiller

Ben got started making his own liquor when he was a young man of 21. He’s a natural engineer with a penchant for building, and has a truly brilliant palate for flavors. Ben has produced all kinds of liquor in his day, and by all accounts he’s a spectacular young distilling talent. Together with his father, Clint, they are the authors of everything under the Steel Tie Spirits banner.


Clint Etheridge


Clint believed in utilizing locally-grown ingredients to handcraft some of the finest rums in the world. A lifelong Floridian and retired Lieutenant, he made a career by proudly serving his community in the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Department. He left the force in 2003 and 9 years later. partnered with his son Ben to create Black Coral Rum in 2012. His thirst for life is fondly remembered, and his legacy lives on in every bottle.

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